I'm Lincoln Stewart -- writer, photographer, and record dealer. I live in Toronto, but like to travel. Volver is the place for my stuff. Welcome.
I Buy & Sell Records

When in Toronto, I sell and buy vinyl records to make my living. I’ve done this since 2005. Want to sell yours? Read this.

When I’m not in Toronto, the “store” is closed.

I Travel

When it turns cold, I get out of Canada — California, Spain, Australia — any  warm place, preferably next to an ocean.  In March I returned from 4 months in Vanuatu. Beautiful country!

I Shoot

I like to photograph environments: buildings, plants, bodies of water. Occasionally, people or animals end up in the pictures. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on Volver are my own. Orange Grove Tool Sheds and Utility Boxes of Oliva, Spain is a popular project of mine.

I Write

For more than 20 years, I’ve written under a pseudonym. Some of those projects are archived on Volver under Words + Pictures. Interviews with my alter ego have appeared in The National Post and been featured on KCRW Santa Monica.