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“BCUC is a band from Soweto, South Africa. They draw inspiration from Indigenous music that is not exposed in the mainstream. They sing ritual songs, shebeen songs and church songs infused with raps and a rock and roll attitude. They always aim for a timeless, honest and traditional/ ritualistic sound. The music should always resonate with the spirituality, the history and the future of the people.

“A stone's throw from the church where Desmond Tutu organized the escape of the most wanted anti - apartheid activists of Soweto, the BCUC band rehearses in a shipping container - turned community restaurant where their indomitable outspokenness echoes in a whole new way.  Make no mistake, this buzzing township has lost none of the creative, rebellious energy it had when "Rainbow Nation", with its now less vibrant colorers, emerged twenty years ago. Like it's elders, Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness see's its music as a hedonistic trance, but also a weapon of political and spiritual liberation.  Artistic heirs Philip "Malombo" Tabane and Batsumi, they seek to give contemporary voice to the ancestral traditions of indigenous peoples.  Jazz sounds of 1970s and 80s productions.