Regarding COVID-19

I have eliminated the 7-day max hold and am no longer accepting cash payments. I am now accepting etransfers to hold titles indefinitely until the virus is under control and the buyer is comfortable picking up.

Important: You must first confirm the availability of a title before sending payment! Do not just send etransfers in the hopes of securing titles.

Now, back to my standard: HOW IT WORKS:

Browse the Inventory

Each day that I’m in Toronto, 3 or more records are posted to the top of the Records page at 7PM EST. I sometimes also make a post to Instagram saying the records are up.

See Something You Like?

See something you like? Send a text to 416 55 66 278 to let me know you’d like to commit to purchase. You’ll get a text reply letting you know if you’re the first to request the record or if someone else beat you to it.

Book an appointment

If you’re the lucky buyer, I’ll ask you to choose a day/time within the next week to pick up. I’m in the Dundas and Sorauren neighborhood and will provide you with an exact address after confirming your appointment.

Pick Up Your Record

Come by a complete the purchase! Easy peasy. Cash only, please. Those who fail to pick up records they reserved will be barred from the shop.

a more thorough

The records on this site reside with me and my dog in a loft in the Dundas West and Sorauren neighborhood of Toronto. I have an aversion to haggling, so have priced things firm and fair. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

See something that interests you? My number is 416 55 66 278. Texts are preferred but calls are welcome. You may use my number at your convenience, 24/7, though the phone is off when I’m asleep or with company. Be patient; messages are returned in the order they’re received.

When you contact me about an item, you have three options:

  • Commit to purchase for the advertised price and choose a pickup time within 7 days.
  • Schedule a visit to come view or listen to the item.
  • Ask for more information.

A “Commit to purchase” is exactly that. If you’re the first person to commit to purchase, you promise to buy the item for the advertised price and schedule a pickup time within 7 days in order to complete the transaction. The item will be marked Sold and will be held until your appointment. If you do not show at the scheduled time, or for some reason outside of my control you decide not to purchase, the item will be offered again to the public. Customers who renege twice will have their phone number blocked, barring them from future transactions. If you’re not positive you want to buy the item for the advertised price, do not commit to purchase.

Scheduling a visit without committing to buy does not give you priority for the item, but simply lets you come to inspect it for possible purchase. However, if, before your appointment arrives, someone else commits to purchase the item, you’ll be notified that the item is no longer available. If someone commits to purchase within 4 hours of your appointment time, you will be given priority to look and purchase before their hold kicks in (assuming you pass). This is so that I don’t disappoint people who may already have begun traveling to the loft. If you purchase the item during your visit, the person who tried to commit will be notified that it is no longer available.

If you contact me to Ask for more information about an item, I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. The additional information may lead to you committing to purchase or scheduling a visit, in which case the above policies take effect. Note that I ask that you thoroughly read the item’s description before asking for more information.

Pickup and viewing / listening hours are by appointment only, between 10am and 11pm, seven days a week. We can meet in as little as 10 minutes, assuming I am home and you are close, but only after an appointment has been made. “Drop ins” are not welcome.

Items are located in the Dundas West and Sorauren neighborhood of Toronto. An exact address will be provided when your visiting time is confirmed. The Dundas and College streetcars stop a few feet away; there is free street parking if you’re driving. If you’re familiar with the former location of my Dundas West store, Good Music — its location was an 8 minute walk (4 blocks east) from the new pickup location.

At the moment, I accept cash only. If there’s enough demand, I’ll begin accepting plastic payment or e-transfer, but that’s not my preference.


Each day that I’m in town, at least three more records will be added for sale. Most are used; some are vintage but sealed; a few are new. When I travel, which is usually in the winter, the “store” is closed.

Being vintage, only one of each of these titles will be available, and sold items are gone for good. Restocking is unlikely, and based solely upon luck, as I’m at the mercy of the used market.

All used records are purchased from the public for half of my retail price. No exceptions. More information is in the record seller’s faq.

All new records are brought in direct from the artists or labels and will be added to the site as they become available. When possible and pragmatic, sold out titles will be restocked. Occasionally, I’ll offer opportunities for customers to pre-order small-run, limited edition pressings.

All titles will remain on the site until sold.

I no longer offer items from major labels or distributors and am thrilled to no longer be involved in Record Store Day.


I hope to carry unique items that I believe my customers will enjoy. These may be small, pocketable items, such as beautiful pens or watches, or large paintings, sculptures, or furniture, or something in between. Some will be new, others vintage.

Any new item will come with the same warranty you’d receive from a more traditional retailer. For instance, the PS Audio Sprout100 integrated amplifier comes with a 3 year warranty, directly from PS Audio. This is to say that I am an authorized reseller. Nothing here fell off a truck.


My name is Lincoln Stewart. I’m the former manager of Art & Trash Video and Vortex Records, and the former owner of Good Music, three well-respected and much-loved Toronto brick-and-mortar stores. There’s more info on my About page.


After 35 years in retail / customer service, I experienced a neurological incident which briefly took my voice, and my ability to control half of my body. That day, I questioned whether I wanted to spend the rest of my days working regular store hours. Though I genuinely enjoy retail, I decided instead to sell the inventory of my record store to a competitor.

Then, I travelled.

Back home, 18 months later, I realized I was bored and should think about getting back to work. Did I want to open another store? Landlords, locations, employees, the never-ending cycle of regular hours — no, I did not.

But former customers kept contacting me, saying no one in the city was offering them the kind of money that I’d been paying Toronto’s record collectors since 2005. Could I take a look and advise them on what to do?

More times than not, I left their homes with great records.

Months passed, and with no plan in mind, my “inventory” was building up.

Could I keep all the parts I love about retail — engagement with interesting people; an unparalleled selection; fair prices in and out; exemplary customer service — and do away with all the parts I don’t?

Lets find out.