Charles Mingus / Tijuana Moods / 60s Deep Groove

Charles Mingus / Tijuana Moods / 60s Deep Groove



RCA Victor Deep Groove from early- to mid-60s.

Though I cannot find this pressing online, here’s my logic:

  • This release was Deep Groove (aka DynaGroove due to trademark) in the early 60s. Labels read DynaGroove Stereo or Living Stereo.

  • In 1964, RCA started doing non DG pressings at some of their plants and changed the label to just “Stereo”.

  • This record’s label reads “Stereo”, but the record is a DG pressing, so was probably one of the last DG pressings. When they ran out of Stereo DynaGroove labels, it would have been much more expensive to print a few more labels, so they switched to the new design even though it wasn’t an accurate description of the pressings. So: record is DynaGroove; label is not.


Few faint marks on the wax but plays great. Cover is intact and tight, though has small bit of ballpoint writing on rear corner. Deadwax is stamped N2PY 1337 4S and N2PY 1338 1S. Both sides are stamped 1A. Beautiful copy all around.


Available. Text or telephone 416 55 66 278 for details.

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