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Integrated Amplifier


About the ps audio sprout100

To my research, the PS Audio Sprout100 is not just the best sounding amp in its class, it's also the most stylish -- and it's dead-simple to set up.

It features a phono preamplifier for vinyl, a Bluetooth receiver for music streamed from smartphones or tablets, a high-quality hi-res DAC to handle anything stored on a computer, enough power for any speaker, and a headphone amp that drives even the toughest loads.

Rather than a display screen and endless menus, Sprout’s user interface is a direct hand-to-Sprout connection through two precision rotary switches as well as a handheld remote control. The front panel controls allow intuitive, direct control of the device, and provide feedback to the user through a positive click.


Sprout100 is the all-new, heavily-updated replacement for the original PS Audio Sprout. Many improvements have been made: they doubled the output power, fully redesigned the headphone amplifier, and included Stereo-RCA analog in/outputs, a DAC that decodes full resolution PCM & DSD, a subwoofer output, and added a sleek, brushed aluminum remote control.

Sprout100 is identical to the original PS Audio Sprout in many ways: size, shape, look and feel. Materials of machined and bead-blasted aluminum. Real walnut. And all the sound quality you have come to expect from PS Audio.


The suggested retail price of the Sprout100 is C$1100 but Volver's price is $950.

As I am an authorized dealer, your Sprout100 comes with a three year warranty directly from PS Audio.


Out of stock. Place an order and I'll notify you when you can pick up your Sprout100. They usually take two business days to arrive.

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