Apartamento Magazine
// $35 per issue


is an interiors magazine founded in 2008 that is published biannually.

In part, Apartamento is a reaction to the sterile and impersonal-looking homes its founders often saw in interior-design and architectural magazines. They instead wanted to showcase living spaces that had a more lived-in feel.

Each issue runs several hundred pages and features stunning photography and lengthy, in-depth interviews with some of the most interesting people on the planet.

Apartamento features people, their homes and the lives they lead inside them everyday. The magazine was founded by Nacho Alegre, Marco Velardi and Omar Sosa, who sought to create a publication that felt more personal than the interior design and architectural magazines available at the time.

The joy of the publication is in learning more about the artists and people you love while discovering a wide variety of new-to-you talents in every imaginable field — music, sculpture, interior design, painting, restaurateurs, illustration, fashion design, architecture, photography, and many more.

The magazine is notoriously difficult to find in Toronto --
with what few copies making it to the city immediately selling out --
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Every other stockist in Toronto gets their supply from a middle-man -- a distributor. My copies will be sent to me directly by Apartamento, meaning they're guaranteed to arrive. This is the same way I've worked with independent record labels for more than fifteen years.
Though I will stock a few extra copies of each issue, the best way to ensure you don't miss any is to reserve your copy in advance.

Email me expressing your interest and I will send you specifics closer to publication date. You can pay online and pick up at my loft (Dundas West & Sorauren) at your convenience.