// $450

Freitag R506 Hutchins

is an out-of-production, one-of-kind, upcycled shoulder bag.

A sleek, stylish bag for work, play, or everyday carry. Named after Stilson Hutchins, founder of The Washington Post.

Switzerland’s Freitag has been making quality bags since 1993. They’re my favorite bag company and one of my favorite companies ever.

Their bags come in many sizes and styles, but all start with the same material: used truck tarpaulins.

Though all materials are professionally cleaned before being cut and sewn, the upcycled tarps can’t shake the unique patinas acquired while strapped to the sides of Europe’s transport trucks for months or years, miles or kilometres, in all types of weather — the tarps are constantly absorbing the elements.

Though initially known for their top-quality courier bags, Freitag launched their Reference line in 2010, of which this R506 (R for Reference) Hutchins is one. The Reference line was made of solid colors and featured high-end metal hardware, in this case the bag’s snaps, buckles, and closure pins.

Though some of the Reference line is still manufactured, the Hutchins was discontinued on March 22, 2016.

Features: metal buckles | quick access A4 document pouch | snappy external compartment | padded shaft for 15” MacBooks | hand straps | padded, adjustable shoulder strap

Dimensions (mm) : 380 x 270 x 40 | Volume : 3 litres | Design : by the Freitag bros. in 2010