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Brand new record by the legendary Space lady!  The Space Lady started thrilling audiences as a street performer in the late 60's.  She honed her craft through the years, creating her own completely unique style of pop music.  She plays a casio keyboard with liberal amounts of echo and space effects and sings with as heavenly and sincere a voice as you will ever hear.

This is the Space Lady's master stroke LP - a survey of some of the songs that have served her great live over the years.  Includes an amazing cover of William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful For What You Got" (that Gangsta lean song) that is sure to be the low rider hit of the summer.

The Space Lady is a true artist. If you listen with open ears, you will come out a better person for knowing her.  

Note that this track is not on the album but is a good example of how the record sounds: