Thorens TD145 MKII

Thorens TD145 MKII



A mid-70s Thorens TD145 MKII with Thorens tone-arm, new belt, and new Ortofon OM 5 E cartridge.


I purchased this unit from a customer when doing a housecall that left them without records. He said he’d purchased it new in 1976 and still had the original box and manual.

I often get asked to buy turntables and amps at housecalls but usually decline unless they’re reputable brands like Rega, Linn, Dual, etc. I never pass on Thorens as they’re super reliable machines.

This was the in-store turntable for Good Music (the staff turntable, not the listening station). I had it serviced before bringing it into the store in November 2015. Since closing the shop in October 2016, the unit has been unused and stored in its box,


In the first week of June, 2018, I pulled it out of storage and brought it in to Bay Bloor Radio. They ran a check on the motor to ensure the speeds were accurate (33 and 45 are on-point!). They put on a new belt and removed the Pickering cartridge (needle was toast) and added an Ortofon OM 5 E. They then balanced the tone-arm and adjusted the skating.

The bottom plate was also removed and the machine thoroughly cleaned. All connections were also checked and are in good order.

Features auto-stop at the end of a side.


Comes with the original box, dust cover, manual, and screwdriver.


$550. Comes with a 30 day warranty. If you prefer to purchase without the cartridge and wish to supply your own, the price is $500.

Thorens make terrific turntables and this one has served me well. Only selling because I’m replacing it with another Thorens.

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